Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Google India Code Jam 2005

Just came back from a very exciting event: Google Code Jam India 2005 in Bangalore, held by Google India and TopCoder. I guess I'm lucky to be among the top 50 finalists to be invited to compete on-site for the final round.

Here's the complete list of the final result:

Congrats to Ardian Kristanto Poernomo & Pascal Alfadian who make it into #1 & #2. You really are making the news:
Go Indonesia! I hope Google will consider opening an R&D centre here in Indonesia :) *huh* *dreaming* Well, who knows? Maybe in the year 2100. :)

I was placed at #31, not too good. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the on-site competition. This had really been one of the most exciting experience in my life. I'm very happy to meet my fellow coders and especially to make new friends with several Indonesian coders sharing the same passion & energy.

lars2520, TopCoder's head problem writer, with the 7 Indonesian finalists
(Left->Right, Up->Down: Rheynald, me, Ardian - our champ, lars, Pascal - our 2nd champ, Felix, Prima, Bram)

[Updated 4 Apr] Add links to Felix & Pascal's websites. Here they are:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mr. Sindunata, for taking the 31st place. Despite of your time taken for your jobs in Hyderabad, you made it to the final. 31 is not bad, as you beat the other 1369 contestants from South & SE Asia. In fact, mathematically the chance of getting the 31st is 31/1400 = 0.0221, which is nearly zero. And you're in it! Well done, and proviciat.

idban said...

selamat ya, sekalian tanya dunk itu nomer satu indonesia apa singapur?


Sindunata Sudarmaji said...

Hi Idban, thanks & salam kenal.

Yupe, mereka berdua anak2 Indonesia. Kayaknya info dari Enda udah lengkap sekali. Memang Ardian dari SMA St. Louis Sby, tapi sekarang lagi kuliah di NTU Singapore. Sdgkan Pascal dari Unpar Bandung.

Mrk berdua org2 yg udah langganan prestasi, tapi prefer to be low profile :).

Oh ya ada lagi sebenarnya yg di #10 adalah Bram, ex anak SMA 5 Surabaya lo yg skrg lagi kuliah di NTU juga.

Justin said...

Good job, Sindu! I'm proud of you, you can make it this far. See you again in Surabaya, I'll be home by May 2005, and you can tell me the whole story. It must be very very interesting. See you.

Anonymous said...

congrats Mr. Sindu, 31st not so bad man... well done :))
i always know that you'll make it :))
keep up the good work...
when are you coming back to indo? i like to hear the story.. it'll be interesting :)

see ya and once again... well done :)

Anonymous said...

*V* 0_0 :0 :0 :) :) *V* ?????

Hurai ... hi...ayo ayo. senyum senyum hurai. Tanda tanya 5 kali.

Sindux.. pokoknya frendly and very nice...see u in Australia....

Anonymous said...

Wow...that'z super cool!!! Concerning the computer programming, Sindux is the best person I know so far.

Anonymous said...

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Felix Halim said...

Barusan baru googling2... baru ketemu blognya sindux :), Btw, link ke Felix Halim Story & Pic itu salah link tuch... harusnya http://felix-halim.net/story/gicj05/index.php

Felix Halim